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The Market Hut provides the best cloud web hosting services for the respective clients wanting this service. The essential features of the cloud web hosting services include SSL certification, management and understanding of the c-panel, and the maintenance of the traffic on the cloud server. Know more about the best cloud web hosting services that our company offers are an optimum cloud hosting platform, good processing, and efficient handling of the files in the cloud service.


Cloud Hosting has changed the industry for the better with increased resilience and reliability for clients. Register your domain name with relevant space in the cloud, and make applications and websites accessible with cloud resources. The Market Hut offers a range of Cloud and Hosting Services including, security-rich solutions creating value for your business.

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Fast Cloud Hosting Services

SSL Certificate

All of our packages of cloud hosting and Linux shared hosting come with SSL offering encryption of data provided on the website.

Sensitive Data
Sensitive Data

It separates data at the hardware level, utilizing dedicated servers or other options for businesses that work with sensitive data.


We provide tools and other specialist services to help businesses manage the cloud-hosted environment.

Manage c-Panel
Manage c-Panel

Manage your website and its related services such as email and sub-domains with easy to use cPanel for you.

Fast Website loading
Fast Website loading

With advanced hardware, caching that stores most used pages, and globally distributed CDN, website services two-times speed.

Leverage the Cloud
Leverage the Cloud

We provide well-managed servers to helping you handle CPU/RAM increase in traffic website traffic without downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the latest hosting type that uses the ‘Divide and Rule’ policy – the resources required to maintain the website are spread to different servers that work together to be called ‘cloud’. It reduces the downtime of your website during the server malfunction.

The cloud hosting services we offer are highly reliable. The sites with cloud divide three copies of data across several devices to provide protection and safety. The websites are being hosted on the virtual partition to draw their resources including, disk space from a wide network of physical servers.

Yes, it gets the capacity of 8GB RAM with 8-cores with any of our hosting plans.

Yes, we do provide 7 Days Money Back Guarantee with all our services to ensure complete satisfaction to our clients.

How good are the cloud storage RAM facilities?

Our cloud web hosting services encrypts and secures the accounts of the clients so that the company does not lose any data due to privacy infringement problems. The best cloud hosting services that our company provides are useful for data encryption, with email domain and sub-domain specifications exclusively for the client. Our company features among the best cloud hosting services. The secure cloud hosting services provide complete cyber-security protection and preservation of the domain data of the client websites. Our cloud and hosting services provide the client's domain and sub-domain identification. We have large capacity RAM servers for storing all the data properly in our secure cloud hosting services. We have the best and secure cloud hosting services for protecting the sensitive data of the clients.

Clients Testimonials
Switched to the cloud hosting of the Market Hut three months back, and saw considerable changes in our website speed. Besides, the traffic was drastically increased. I think it was one of the best business decisions I have taken recently emphasizing the growth of my business.
Tanishk Dhiman

Business Owner

Market Hut’s cloud hosting services are amazing. They provide a fast, easy to use, and affordable dashboard. My website is running smoothly on the cloud hosting platform provided by the company. Thank you team for guiding me with all the questions and queries.
Amika Biswas

Blogger and Founder

When they guided me to install an SSL certificate, I was a little afraid and did not know much about it. Therefore, I read online about the importance of SSL, and I realized the blunder I did by not going for SSL. The Market Hut now handles everything about the website and manages it.
Vinayak Parmar

Website Owner